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Key Benefits

  • Lowest Interest Rates:- A conventional loan program currently offers an extremely low rate of interest across all loan terms making it an ideal choice if you have an excellent credit history and a higher down payment in case of a new purchase or a higher equity if you are refinancing an existing mortgage. 

  • No Private Mortgage Insurance:- If your loan to value ratio is under 80% then conventional is the right choice for you, with no mortgage insurance as compared to FHA you will have a lower payment with the lowest rate for the life of the loan. If your loan to value ratio does exceed 80% and if your credit history is excellent, you can opt in for a Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance program that allows you to waive the PMI. The interest rate on a lender paid mortgage insurance program could be slightly higher than a normal conventional loan program with PMI.. 

  • Flexibility of occupancy type:- Conventional loan program is the only program that allows you to acquire financing on a Secondary/Vacation Home or an Investment property unlike other loan programs like FHA that would restrict your occupancy to only Primary Residence or Owner Occupied. This program is ideal for a First time home buyer or an investor alike and with a new product range, you could get qualified with a down payment as low as 3% on a conventional loan program. 

This section will give you a good Idea of the mortgage process and the time frame involved.  The knowledge will help you feel more comfortable as you understand and go through the steps.


Conventional loans are approved on a more stringent guidelines as compared to FHA however conventional loans are a more popular choice if you have an excellent credit history as the interest rates are lower in comparison and conventional loans do not have an upfront mortgage insurance or funding fee added to the loan. 

A private mortgage insurance could be added to your monthly mortgage payment if your down payment or equity as case may be is lower than 20% however we do offer a few options without mortgage insurance on excellent credit profiles.

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Thank you so much for your help in refinancing my mortgage loans.  You were wonderful in being patient with me and going into detail to explain anything I had any questions about.  I will be sure and recommend you for future friends. 

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Frequently asked questions about this program

  • Is there a closing costs involved in this loan program? - Whether you are buying a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage, there will be a closing cost applicable which would include lender fees, broker fees, title fees and other third party charges as applicable. Requesting a detailed fee worksheet of the closing cost is always advisable when comparing loan offers across different companies.

  • Can I get a no closing cost loan? - On a new home purchase check with your real estate broker if you could negotiate for a seller contribution towards closing cost, Conventional loans allows sellers to contribute between 3% to 9% of the purchase price depending on the amount of down payment you are bringing on table. On a refinance, you can always opt for a higher rate which would allow your loan officer to apply a lender credit towards your third party charges which could reduce your fees significantly and possible make it a no cost loan for you.

  • Can the closing cost be financed? - On a refinance, YES, the closing cost can be rolled into the new loan amount as long as we do not exceed the maximum allowable loan to value ratio for a Conventional loan based on your property value. On a new home purchase, the closing cost cannot be rolled into the loan and you will have to bring the money on table at the time of closing along with the down payment.

  • What is an escrow account and is it mandatory? - An escrow account is a third party account specifically opened to manage your property taxes and home owners insurance. Every monthly mortgage payment you make would include a portion of your property taxes and home owners insurance which would get deposited in an escrow account and when the property taxes and home owners insurance is due the Escrow company will ensure a timely payment for same. On a Conventional loan an escrow account is not mandatory both for new home purchase and refinance as long as you meet the required down payment and credit qualifying criteria's.

  • What is a PMI and when is it applicable? - On Conventional loans, a Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is only applicable when your loan to value ratio exceeds 80% although there are a few loan programs that allows you to opt for a higher rate to waive off the PMI. Alternately, you can also chose an option called Single Premium Financed that allows you to pay a single premium which would be a one time fee and the monthly mortgage insurance can be waived off.